Monday, September 8, 2008

GHI Simplicity Select Hearing Aid Review

The Simplicity Select hearing aid is an open fit ready to use hearing aid priced at around $330 each.

While we don't have any complaints about GHI products to speak of, we do recommend a less expensive model made by a major manufacturer. The Rosebud Open Fit is an open fit hearing aid of the highest quality and priced at about $100 less per ear than the GHI model.

Rosebud's Speech Enhancement / Noise Reduction switch processes millions of digital calculations per second. While many other instruments suffer from a lack of "punch" or perceived power, the Rosebud hearing aid delivers. This feature accents the sounds you need to hear most in order to deliver clarity and discriminate speech.

The Rosebud Open Fit comes with a 45 day trial and a 1 year warranty. The RosebudOpen Fit is available for $299 at

Open fit hearing aids are an extremely fast growing phenomenon in America, especially among Baby Boomers. Open fit hearing aids are designed to boost the high frequency sounds, resulting in the better understanding of human speech, even in loud places like restaurants and shopping malls. High frequency loss of hearing is the most common type of hearing loss among Baby Boomers.


Jeannette said...

Will there be a chance that people who do not have the capability to purchase this can get this lower than $200? Is it possible?

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